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We have a CD that we will send you post paid. It has four lessons of about 16 - 17 minutes each. The lessons are very basic. Just select "yes" below or email us and we’ll send it right away. To hear them click here.

We offer Bible Correspondence Courses on various levels. These lessons are sent to you along with a stamped and addressed envelop. You read the lesson, the scriptures cited, answer the questions and return it to us. We grade it send you the next lesson. Unfortunately, at this time, we do not send them overseas. The list of courses we offer are:

Course 1 - “Seeking the Truth” - by Gene Taylor, 7 lessons designed to increase Bible understanding.

Course 2 - Wendell K. Freeman - 25 lessons for a more advanced study.

Course 3 - This one is home grown at Valley  Station. It has 13 lessons and is written on a grade school level. It is good for young people. You take this one online, copy questions, give your answers, paste it in an email to us and email us your answers.  or

Course 4NEW  - We have worked up a new course on Christian Living. It consists of 13 very helpful lessons on what kind of life one should live to please the Lord, be a good influence while here on earth and enjoy the hope of living with the Lord forever.

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