2242 A.D. – Archaeology

A professor of archaeology led his students into the crumbling remains of a once magnificent church building.

“This,” he told his students, “is later American.” The building was probably used as a place of worship in the 21st century.

One of the students pointed to a hooded metal table, half burned and crusted over with rust beneath the rubbish. The student asked, “And what is that, sir?”

“We are not certain,” replied the professor. “We think it may have been a type of food-warmer known as a steam table. In other ruins similar tables have been found next to a large urns thought to have contained a hot beverage, likely coffee.”

“You see,” the professor continued, “although little is known for certain about the religion of the Americans, we deduce from the evidence we find in these temples that they worshipped a god called ‘fellowship’.” He added, “We believe there was an important ritual related to this function they called ‘Coffee and Doughnuts’.”

The professor ended his lesson saying, “There is little evidence that the people of that period thought very seriously of the soul.”

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