What Does “For” in Acts 2:38 Mean?

If I had a lot of money that I wished to give away

I think upon my preacher friends a little test I’d play.

I’d call them all together and explain to them a plan

Whereby a thousand dollars would be given to each man.

My Baptist friend would shed his coat and cease his “because of” prattle.

He’d know the meaning of thie “for” when he heard the silver rattle.

The plan, it would be simple, anyone could get it straight

The language would be a paraphrase of Acts Two Thirty Eight.

They’d ask of me, “What Shall We Do?” I’d answer them as follows,

“Be baptized, each one of you “FOR” a thousand silver dollars.”

Friend Methodist too, without a doubt this “for” could understand.

If the understanding meant for him a thousand smackers in the hand.

Not one of them would argue back, and you can write it down,

Within thirty minutes, there’d not be a dry preacher in this town.

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