Ive Quit Going To Church

I just quit attending the meetings that are always going on at the church building. All they ever want of me is some money, more of my time and they make me feel like I am not ever doing all I should be doing, and I am tired of that. A young man made this remark with a brilliant future in the prime of his life. He made it to an aged disciple of Christ who had served the Lord faithfully and well for many years. He made an interesting reply to this young quitter. It will do us all good to consider it carefully

I dont blame you, this older man replied. If I had that attitude, Id quit too. Beaming a smile, he continued, I dont think I can quit the Lords church now, though, he continued. You see, son, I can always find something that helps me when I meet with the brethren. I began attending every meeting several years ago. Every time the doors opened, I made that first priority and was present. The difference in us is that at that time, I was not a Christian. I listened to the preacher talk about the love of Christ, the grace of God, and he made the plan of salvation so plain and easy to comprehend.

I was a pretty sorry sort of fellow and for a while, felt that it would be a waste of time for me to even try to straighten up--but I kept to my discipline of never missing a meeting of the church. I learned that I could be a Christian, so I obeyed the gospel. Ill never forget the time I was baptized for the remission of sins. I continued studying, attending, giving a little more all the time, and took part in anything I was able to do.

One day, one of the other members met me for lunch and we discussed visiting a fellow he was interested in. We did it, the man was eventually converted and I watched the process through which I had just come replayed in that fellow. What a thrill it was! Well, I am asked to give just like you were, when you attended, and I still feel from time to time that I am not what I ought to be, but I really could not quit now. I have received much more from the meetings than I ever contributed. With that the old fellow gently put his hand on the youngsters broad shoulder and ended his words with, But, I understand you--with your attitude, quitting is what you should do.

The advice may not be what some of us think it should have been. But, as I thought of the incident, I put myself in the shoes of the youngster. He had never looked at attendance and work in the local church in that light before. Maybe I havent either. Have you? DRS

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