“The Survey Shows”

There is (or was, at least) a game show in which the game host would give the answer to questions by, “The Survey Shows . . .” A survey is one of the most used devices in sales, research and in just about every area of our lives.

There was a survey taken not too long ago to determine how people select a church to “join.” Thousands of questionnaires were sent out and the responses were studied and tabulated. It is quite revealing. Here is the result:

6% walk into a church building and become members on their own.

10% become members because the church has a good program for children, youth, and adults.

6 % become members of a church because the church has a good preacher.

3% become members because of some special or unique need they have.

2% become members because of a visitation by the preacher and other members.

7% choose to be members of a church because of the church has a good day-care for their children.

1% become members of a church because of a special event such as a gospel meeting.

65 % become members of a local church because they are invited by friends, relatives, or other church members.

It is only reasonable that more will become members of a church because members of that church invite them and show a special interest in them. Sometimes all it takes is a “Come go to church with me today,” or a simple phone call with the same invitation.

Ask a person in whom you have a sincere interest to come to church with you. It may be the very thing that brings one into the fold of Christ. Invite a friend, a family member, or a neighbor. DRS

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