Traits—A good Bible teacher needs to be a genuine Christian, sincere, full of faith, unselfish, devoted, pa­tient, diligent, enthusiastic, prayerful, hopeful and cheer­ful, and may I add, punctual?

Trials—Many times trials come along to discourage the teacher, but these but test and prove one’s loyalty to Christ and consecration to duty. Some “trials” are pre­sented in lesson materials that are poorly prepared, poorly graded. What pre-school teacher having children with vocabularies of from 70 to 3,000 words has not found herself with material evidently written by a preacher accustomed to addressing adults? What teacher of Bible has not found her class crowded into a tiny room, poorly ventilated, poorly lighted, poorly equipped? Why do brethren spend so much to equip an auditorium in even a modest building and then refuse to equip the classroom? Why do parents so diligently get “Johnny” to public school, but permit poor, irregular attendance at Bible classes? Just a few trials of teachers!

Temptations—Teachers are tempted (allured, enticed) at times to bluff their way along not really preparing their lessons well. They are tempted to blame others if their class attendance does not increase. They are tempted often to quit teaching, using the excuses, “I’m too busy,” “I’m too tired,” “I don’t know enough!”

Thrills—But, “He that winneth souls is wise” (Prov. 11:30). And they must all be taught of God. What a thrill to be working for God, for Christ. What a thrill to lead a boy or girl, man or woman unto knowledge of God and the Gospel of Christ. - Via Inspire, August 2003

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