You Will Be Missed

“Then Jonathan said to David: Tomorrow is the new moon and thou shalt be missed because thy seat will be empty” (1 Sam. 20:18). These are words of remonstrance spoken by Jonathan to David when he learned that his friend planned to be absent at the time of one of their solemn feasts. It brings to our minds the problem of empty seats in the church house.

Each time you are absent from a religious service in which God is wor­shipped in truth and in which His word is taught, you are missed. Since God commanded us to assemble, He misses us when we are absent. How it must grieve God for us to trample His com­mands under our feet! Take up your Bible and read again Hebrews 10:25. And, too, Christ misses us when we are absent. He has promised to be present when we meet in His name (Matt. 18:20). When we miss the assembly we miss an appointment with Jesus! He sees and knows.

The world and the enemies of the church miss you when your seat is empty. They take particular note of it and make capital of it. They make jesting remarks about how little your religion means to you. Your influence is greatly diminished by irregular at­tendance. You cannot convince a per-son that the church can be something of great importance to him unless you show him by your actions that it is of great importance to you. How Satan must laugh up his sleeve when a member of the body of Christ wilfully absents himself from the services of the church!

Your fellow Christians miss you when your seat is empty. They enjoy the services, but their enjoyment would be increased if you were there worshipping with them. Jonathans enjoyment of the feast of the new moon would have been greater if David had been present.

But the greatest tragedy is not that you are missed but that you MISS some-thing of great importance ... something you badly need . . . something you must have if you are to grow. Dont stay away!

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