A Letter from Brother Lukewarm

Dear Preacher,

I found your card on the door when we got back from the park Sunday afternoon. I suppose you had been by to see why we didnít come to church Sunday morning, so I will explain. You see, my mother came to spend a few weeks with us, and we all went to the park on a picnic. We sure had a good time!

Preacher, I saw something I could hardly believe on Sunday as we were going to the park -- John Moneymaker was plowing his cotton. I think that is terrible, donít you? I think you ought to do some preaching about the people who stay away from the church to plow on Sunday. And say, i saw Bill Pleasuremaker down on the creek fishing. It sure made me feel bad! Maybe you can throw in a point in a sermon tht will make him see where he is wrong. I just donít know why people act that way.

Well, preacher, I just thought Iíd drop you a line to let you know why we were not there Sunday. Mother will be here about six weeks, then we will be right there every Sunday morning in time for preaching!

Your friend --Lukewarm.

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