A Little Boy  

A little boy with shining eyes, his little face aglow 
Said, “It’s time for Sunday school please, daddy, let’s go!” “Oh no,” said daddy, “not today. I’ve worked hard all the week; And I must have a day of rest, I’m going to the creek, For there I can relax and rest, and fishing’s fine they say; So run along, don’t bother me, we’ll go to church some other day.” Months and years have passed, but daddy hears that plea no more 
“Please, let’s go to Sunday school!” Those childhood days are o’er. Now that daddy’s growing old, when life is almost through, He does find time to go to church, but, what does his son do? 
He says, “old man, you’re kidding! I’ve caroused around all night, Popping pills, and smoking pot; you should have seen me fight!” The daddy lifts a trembling hand to brush away the tears; 
He seems to hear the pleading voice, distinctly through the years, 
He sees his small son’s wistful face upturned, with eyes aglow, Saying, “It’s time for Sunday school, please daddy, won’t you go?” 
Fathers, in Ephesians 6:4, God charged us with the awesome
responsibility of bringing up our children in the training and
instruction of the Lord. It’s our responsibility to see that they’re
taught about God and His Son Jesus, the Christ. If we shirk that
responsibility, the devil will be sure to fill that void with the wrong
kind of teaching, and our children will not be started on the road to
heaven. Won’t you listen to your children when they say, “It’s time for
Sunday school, please daddy, won’t you go?”

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