A Prayer

“0 God, Thou art quick to reveal thyself to those who will come to Thee. It is not that the Sun of Thy love goeth down but that we turn from thee into the shadows.

“Deliver us, we pray from the ad­miration of our own cleverness, from delight in our own doctrinal sound­ness. Deliver us from pride, arrog­ance, self-righteousness and from a spirit of condescension as we deal with others.

“We pray, Our Father, for peace, when we have fulfilled nothing but the law of discord. We ask for Thy power when we have not bowed to Thy will. Forgive us for trying to make Thee our servant.

“Forgive us, Lord, that we see Thee not when we suffer pain, or loss or failure and seek Thee only in pleasant places.

“How is it that we profess, Lord, to love Thee at the very moment when we harbor envy or resentment toward those whom Thou dost love and for whom Thou dost suffer? From such blindness of soul, deliver us. Above all, deliver us from self-­righteousness, from that hatred which seethes beneath a righteous indigna­tion; and from that boiling hostility which wears the face of self-deprecia­tion and anxiety.

“Remove from our lives the bar­riers which we erect between Thee and ourselves. Overcome our fear of standing in the full radiance of Thy light. Through Jesus Christ our Lord.”

-Adapted from Dwight E. Stevenson.

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