A Wise Answer

A little girl, age 3, was riding in a taxi with her mother when she pointed to the driver and asked, “Mommie, why is he so black?”

The mother noticed that the man’s shoulders stiffened at the question. She hastily searched for the right words that would satisfy both the driver and her daughter. “God makes people as He makes flowers in the garden, so the world will be more colorful. Some are white, some brown. some black, some yellow - and there are all shades in between. That makes us all the more interesting to look at, don’t you think?” The little girl nodded, for this made sense.

As they left the cab the black driver said to the mother, “Ma’am, when my little girl gets big enough to ask why some people are white, I’ll know what to tell her now. Thank you.”

Oh, what a wise mother that woman was! She created light instead of darkness ... trust instead of suspicion. She thought too much of her daughter’s soul, the black man’s soul, and her own soul to traffic in hate.

“If you show partiality, you are committing sin,” (James 2:9)

- Via The Robinson Reminder, Edna, Tx.

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