Anxiety For The Church

In Paulís catalogue of experiences which had troubled him, including all the physi≠cal persecutions he had suffered, he named the anxiety which was in his heart for the churches and his brethren. 2 Cor. 11:28.

Those who wound or hurt the church, likewise wound the body of Jesus, as did the soldiers who put him to death. The man of the world who hurls a charge at the church will be dealt with by the Lord in his own good way and time. Let him not think that he can insult the children in Godís family, and not have to answer to their father. The body of Christ has the Lord as itís head, and if it is narrow-minded as some have charged, it is because He is its mind.

But the men of the world, with their slurs, will not hurt the church so much as the unconcerned, indifferent, and lukewarm members. False teachers of the world can never deceive and lead astray as well as a, false teacher within. A wolf, clothed as a sheep, slips into the midst of the flock, and with the favor of the sheep toward him, then destroys.

This is why the members of the church should be anxious and jealously concerned about itís welfare. Why, every man and woman in it should be measured, not by what they have, not by their place in the world, not by their formal education, but by their faithfulness to truth and righteous≠ness.

Any member of the church should be so anxious to preserve the welfare of the Lordís family, that he would diligently study the scriptures to see that all practice and teach≠ing in the church was in harmony with the truth.

No member really has the care for the church that he should have, who is willing to forsake itís assemblies at any time. He does not care for the church, who shuts his ear against the warnings that come to the church about sin, error, false teachings or sinful practices in the lives of itís members. He does not care for the church, who will not confess his sins and repent of a way that has injured Godís family. He who encourages another in his wrong doings, and does not stop to point out his folly, does not care for the church.

Let us anxiously strive to keep the record of the church from within and without; from ourselves and others. ó Gospel Guide, 10th and Bell Church, Shawnee.

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