Are All The Pieces Needed?

Ask a denominational preacher if what he preaches is the truth and he will surely say YES.


Ask him if one must believe the truth in order to be saved and he will no doubt say YES.


But, ask him if one must believe the particular doctrine which he preaches in order to be saved and he will probably answer NO. (Now, make sense out of that!)


The Bible teaches man is saved


by God (Titus 3:4-5),

Love, John 3:16),

Mercy (Titus 3:4-5),

Grace (Eph 2:9),

Christ (Matt 1:21),

Blood (1 Pet 1:18-19),

Holy Spirit (1 Cor 6:11),

Gospel (Rom 1:16-17),

Faith (Rom 5:1),

Repentance (Acts 17:30),

Confession (Rom 10:10),

Works of Faith (Jam 2:24),

Baptism (1 Pet 3:21).

The Bible nowhere teaches men are saved by any one thing only! Taking only part of what the Lord says saves is like taking only part of the medicine a doctor prescribes. It it like trying to drive a car with only part of the engine or like trying to finish a jig saw puzzle with only part of the pieces.


It doesnít work in life ó it wonít work with salvation. Take all of Godís word or none of it.

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