Be Sure Of Your Course And Keep On Going

   The setting was a cold January morning in a little town in Wisconsin, on the southern shore of Lake Superior. It happened to be the Saturday when they had their annual dog sled derby on the ice. A one-mile course had been staked out by sticking little fir trees in the ice. The whole course was easily visible because of the steep slope of the shore.

It was a youngsters’ meet and the contenders ranged all the way from large boys with several dogs and big sleds to one little fellow who didn’t seem over five with a little sled and one small dog. They took off at the signal and the little fellow with his one dog was quickly outdistanced — he was hardly in the race.

All went well with the rest until, about halfway around, the team that was second started to pass the team then in the lead. They came too close and the dogs got in a fight. And as each team came up the dogs joined the fight. None seemed to be able to steer clear of it. Soon, from our position about a half mile away, there was just one big black seething mass of kids and sleds and dogs — all but the little fellow with his one that managed it, and the only one to finish the race.

Two morals:

1. No matter how stiff the challenge may be, keeping your eye on your ultimate goal will bring you final victory. “But Jesus said unto him, No man, having put his hand to the plow, and looking back, is fit for the kingdom of God” (Luke 9:52).

2. Infighting by those competing against each other rather than competing for the ultimate prize brings failure.

Be sure of your course, just keep on going! Don’t waste time and lose your reward just to watch or engage in a dog fight. - Selected and adapted

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