Bruised And Broken

A bruised reed He will not break -Isaiah 42:3.

A young boy walking along a country road pulled up some reeds in a ditch to make a whistle. He picked out a straight one, clipped the ends, made a notch and several holes in the stalk, and blew into it. But no music! He clipped and whittled some more, but still no music. Finally in frustration, he snapped the reed in two and threw it back into the ditch.

There are many bruised reeds in the body of Christ people who have been hurt in lifes fray. The Lord wants to bring music into their lives, and to do this He must fashion and shape them. He will never do what that boy did with his reed, however. He does not give up on His own and cast them aside. He keeps working with them. He knows just how much they can take how much cutting and fashioning they require. He is patient and gentle. Thats what Isaiah was portraying to Israel when he said, A bruised reed He will not break.

Thinking of how compassionate the Lord has been in dealing with me, I'm ashamed of my impatience with others, especially when words of kindness and a loving hand might have awakened a melody in a broken heart.

Many people are like bruised reeds. May we, with Chris-like love, treat them with gentleness.

How patiently the Father works!

How gentle is His touch!

He will not cause us needLess pain

Nor Let us bear too much.


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