Can A Christian Fall?

We are often told that a Christian can’t fall,

     that once he is saved, there is no danger at all.

No matter how far he may lapse into sin,

     the gates will swing open and let him pass in.

But let it be stated in language that’s terse,

     no one can cite the book, chapter and verse

Which teaches the Christian cannot fall away

     and lose his soul in the great judgment day.

His body, Paul tried to keep under his sway,

     lest he be rejected, or be cast away.

And thus he set an example for all, that

     may be warned not to stumble and fall.

And when he harks back to the Israelites’ day,

     when twenty-three thousand fell by the way,

He issues this sobering warning to all:

    “If one thinketh he standeth, take heed lest he fall.”

In writing to Timothy, Paul boldly saith,

     Some have already made shipwreck of their faith.

And Peter said, “Christians must watch ever hour,

     for Satan is seeking, whom he may devour.”

Its plain to be see from what we have learned.

     that Christians today may from Christ be turned.

And those who still think that a Christian can’t fall

     are not in agreement with Peter and Paul.

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