Can You Teach?

By Steve Deaton

Paul rebuked the Hebrews for not being able to teach (Heb. 5:12-14). They ought to have been able to instruct others about God’s will, but were in need of teaching themselves. Their growth was stunted, their maturity in the Lord lacking. We pity the person with physical immaturity or mental retardedness. Do we feel the same way about an underdeveloped soul? What if it is ours?

Christians need to grow to the point they can teach others. Timothy was given the charge to “commit these [gospel truths] to faithful men who will be able to teach others also” (2 Tim. 2:2). We do not expect brethren to be able to sit down and address all the points of Premillennialism with a Baptist preacher. However, every Christian ought to be able to teach their neighbor what to do to be saved-with the ability to address common objections to the gospel plan of salvation.

Address the following and see if you can give four or fives scriptures-book, chapter, and verse-and/or arguments for each.

  • Can you teach someone that baptism is essential for salvation?
  • Can you teach someone that the thief on the cross is not our pattern for going to heaven?
  • Can you teach someone that the Old Testament is not authoritative for us?
  • Can you teach someone that faith alone is a false doctrine?
  • Can you teach someone that once saved always saved is a false doctrine?
  • Can you teach someone that the Bible can be understood?
  • Can you teach someone that we can understand the Bible alike?
  • Can you teach someone that the Bible does not support many “roads” to heaven?

No, we will not give the answers in this article. If you do not know them, search the scriptures until you find them. These are basic. If you cannot address them and answer them adequately, then how do you hope to discuss salvation with others?

Let us not fall under the same condemnation as the Hebrews-babes in need of milk. Let us teach to the souls of others, and our own.

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