The Case for a Vanishing Church

It has been said that the church that does not visit will vanish. Certainly the growth of the Lord’s church in the number of souls saved is influenced greatly by the amount of visitation done by a congregation. It is not only important but also necessary that members of a local church do some needed visiting every opportunity possible. Why?

1.    Visitation strengthens the home in which you visit.

2.    Visitation is the most effective way to let people know they are cared for personally.

3.    Visitation keeps people more regular in attendance.

4.    Visitation reaches the unsaved, influences them to consider the present relationship of their souls to God.

5.    Visitation changes attitudes, wins people to Christ and His church.

6.    Visitation brings about a joy and fellowship not brought in any other way.

The formula for a church becoming a vanishing influence in a community results most directly from the abandonment of visitation. How many visitation assignments have you accepted? If the church seems to be vanishing to you, be careful there is not a direct relationship traceable to your own “uninvolvement” in weekly visitation.

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