Christians Are Devoted to Christ

They are satisfied only with what they find taught in God’s infallible word. They commit themselves to uphold his honor and glory by practicing and teaching only what he authorizes through his word.

Christians refuse to be denominated or sectarianized by human names. The one name they will accept is that which associates them with Jesus Christ. Christian is a word that cannot be said without forming the word Christ.

Christians reject all human denominational creeds and confessions of faith. The one and only rule of faith and practice they accept is the New Testament. They are guided by a divine mandate, “If any man speak, let him speak as the oracles of God” (1 Pet 4:11).

Christians will only be aligned and associated with the church Jesus Christ promised to build (Matt. 16:18). They energetically promote it so that ultimately it will supercede any man made movement in religion. Through this promotion they pray with Jesus that all who believe in Christ through apostolic teaching will be one as the Father and Son are one (John 17:20-22).

They subscribe to a simple plan for religious unity

In Matters of Faith, unwavering conformity to what is written. In Matters of Opinion, liberty of conscience. In all things, pure love and charity for all.

In short, Christians have: No Book but the Bible No Creed but Christ No Name but Christian No Plea but the Gospel No Aim but to Save the Lost.

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