Closed Eyes and Truth
 -- and Shut Mouths

Some time ago a fine article was written based on unwillingness to see the truth. The story was told of a driver of a car who suddenly found that a traffic light was changing to red and he told his companion, “Oops! Close your eyes. We’re going through.” The author aptly quipped, “After all, as long as you close your eyes and refuse to look at the red light, then it’s OK to run it. (Try telling a judge!)

It is tragic that many close their eyes to the truth when it involves their spiritual condition. It is certainly equally as tragic that some will shut their mouths to preach needed truth. There is no difference in willful blindness and willfully silence. Refusing to preach on issues that threaten the spiritual welfare of people is sinful. It is plain dereliction of duty. Try telling the Judge of all the earth why you refused to see the truth -- and preach the truth.

Many years ago it was necessary to determine from Scripture whether local churches should finance the building and maintenance of human organizations such as Orphanages, Colleges, and similar human enterprises. Many closed their eyes and shut their mouths, refusing to either learn about or preach on the issue. The result is now history. We should be thankful for those valiant brethren who opened both eyes and mouth and dealt with the institutional defection. Many of us would not be where we are now if they had been blind and silent.

When brethren close their eyes to problems, specifically where members of the church have been inducted into and are active members of the Masonic Lodge, no one ought to close their eyes and shut their mouths. The light is no less red just because we close our eyes, and shut our mouths. When members are guilty of immoral behavior, and we close our eyes and shut our mouths, rather than deal scripturally with the situation, we are guilty of willful neglect. It is that sort of thing that leads churches astray.

Why would a gospel preacher would close his eyes and shut his mouth to diabolical devices that will harm the cause of Christ and cause people to be lost? Recently, a respected elder told me of a situation where the elders of a local church restricted their local preacher from preaching from the pulpit on such things as Christians participation in Free Masonry. Others have been asked not to teach from the pulpit on marriage and divorce, immodest apparel or dancing. This is a sorry situation. No preacher is worth very much who either shuts his own mouth, or allows it to be shut by anyone when he ought to be speaking the truth to the salvation of souls.

For all such as close their eyes, we pray with Paul, “The eyes of your understanding being enlightened; that ye may know what is the hope of his calling...” (Eph. 1:18). And for those who shut their mouths, either voluntarily or otherwise, we pray with Paul, “...that utterance may be given unto me, that I may open my mouth boldly, to make known the mystery of the gospel” (Eph. 6:19). – DRS

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