The Coming Of The Army

I now send you, to open their eyes, in order to turn them from darkness to light. -Acts 26: 17 -18

photoA Filipino preacher spoke in a church service about World War II. His father had told him how the Filipino people had longed to be free from the Japanese occupation. How jubilant they were therefore, when General Douglas MacArthur kept his word and returned to liberate the islands. He related that as the troops landed on Philippine soil his father ran toward the men, cheering and giving the V-for­Victory sign.

After telling his father’s story, the speaker thanked the American audience for sending our soldiers to liberate his people. Then he said, “I want to thank you for another army that came from your country to bring my people freedom. It is that army of American Christians who landed on our soil to proclaim the pure gospel of freedom from sin. We were slaves to a more terrible tyrant – Satan. But your missionaries came with the story of Jesus, and many of our people were saved through faith in Him. Twice your soldiers have come to set us free.”

Do we have the same vision as those missionaries? Have we accepted our place in God’s army of witnesses to bring the gospel to people enslaved in darkness? We may not be able to go across the ocean, but we can certainly go across the street.

I am a missionary, Lord,
Wherever I may be;
At home or in a distant la
I’ll tell the world of Thee. -Brandt

We need the gospel not only in books but also in boots.

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