The Countdown

Ten church members came to services all the time,

One fell out with the preacher, then there were nine.

Nine church members stayed up late, one overslept then there were eight.

Eight church members on their way to heaven

One took the low road then there were seven.

Seven church members chirping like chicks, one didn't like the music, now there are six.

Six church members seemed very much alive, one got travelitis, now this leaves five.

Five church members pulling for heaven sure, one tired and got disgruntled, and this left four.

Four church members busy as can be, but one got his feelings hurt; now there are three.

Three church members and the story’s almost done for two of them got weary and this left only one.

Now everybody knows that one can't do much but one brought a friend last week, now there are two.

Two church members each one won one more, now don't you see, two plus two equals four.

Four church members worked early and late. Each one brought one, now there are eight.

Have you got the message pointed and true? Come on we've got us a job to do.

For you see these eight church members, if they double as before, in just seven weeks we’d have 1,024.

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