Courage and Confidence

During the Civil War Dupont, the officer commanding a Union “Ironside,” failed to get his ship into Charleston. Admiral Farragut asked him why. “Because the channel was too narrow, sir,” he replied.

“That’s not the reason – why did you fail to get into Charleston,” Farragut continued.

“The Rebel fire was too so intense, we couldn’t get in,” Dupont continued.

“No, that’s not the reason, “said the Admiral.

“Then, pray tell me what you think the reason was,” the frustrated officer replied.

Farragut quietly but forcefully said, “The only reason you didn’t reach Charleston was because you did not believe you could get in.”

So many times things we do not believe we can do fail because of our lack of courage and self-assurance. The motto for a courageous Christian is, “I can do all things through Him that strengthen me” (Phil. 4:13). With true convictions obstacles that seem insurmountable weaken and decay.

Believe in yourself and your ability and know for sure it is the Lord’s will that you undertake and all things will come out right.

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