Dachshunds and Great Danes

The vast physical and temperamental differences that exist among the nearly two hundred varieties of dogs (all capable of interbreeding) provides for us a perfect illustration of the richness of some God-created gene pools. Spaniels, terriers, beagles, greyhounds, bulldogs, collies, Chihuahuas, chows, and whippets-vastly different in size, shape, color pattern, hair type, and capacities, but all belonging to the same “tree” of dog-kind!

Many branches, but one tree. God created the DNA code of this “tree” to read D-O-G, and while the world remains, no dog will begin to become a cat, nor will any cat begin to become a dog. If the present world were suddenly overwhelmed by a flood of waters, evolutionary paleontologists of a future age (if evolutionism itself has not become extinct by then!) will doubtless assume that the fossils of dachshunds must be dated a million years earlier than the fossils of Great Danes!

In similar fashion, the evolution of the horse and of man have been “reconstructed.” Variation within kinds is the exact opposite of evolution, for the boundary lines established by God can never be crossed and the new variations that do appear (through gene recombination and sometimes by mutations) represent an essential weakening of the individuals in these specialized varieties.

Just another folly of evolution, folks. - John C. Whitcomb, Jr.

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