Dam It Up

The wise man said, “The beginning of strife is like releasing water: Therefore stop contention before a quarrel starts” (Prow 17:14).

If a dam breaks disaster follows. If it holds, all is well. It would he unthinkable to purposely or willfully blast a dam and destroy the property and lives that lie downstream. In fact, we might think the only ones who would consider that are "terrorists." The Proverb writer tells us that strife is like that water behind the dam if it is released, turbulent trouble comes. If it is restrained, all is well.

Every home has strife or the potential for strife. No home is immune to the stresses and strains of everyday life. Some homes restrain strife, while others do not. The homes that have bickering, fight about money, sex, jobs, trash. dishes, toothpaste. toilet paper, pets, ears, clothes, TV, and on and on. These are things we must all deal with. Why is it. then, that some quarrel about these things while others do not?

The answer is some have heeded the wise man's words by damming up the strife. They hold back from making that sarcastic comment. They refrain from pushing the other's buttons. They stop the quarrel before it happens.

Are there quarrels in your home because of unrestrained strife? Learn to dam it up. If you do not, the destruction and disaster will continue to the harm of everyone.

- Steven F. Deaton - Back to Bulletin Fodder