The Double Cure

by Lewis G. Hale

We may sing Rock of Ages without realizing the import of its message. August M. Toplady wrote the lyrics; Thomas Hastings the music. It has a great gospel message in the first stanza.

Let the water and the blood,

From Thy wounded side which flowed,

Be of sin the double cure,

Cleanse me from its guilt and power.

Most of us would have no objection to having our guilt removed. But, to remove sin from our lives is another matter!

If Christ is to be our Savior, He would also be our Lord. He saves, but He must also rule. We must be rid of the guilt of sin; we must also be freed from its power in our lives.

If God should tell you that He would on request perform spiritual surgery on you, would you allow it? If He would make it impossible for you to ever lie again, would you agree to have it done? If you could never cheat again (even on IRS returns), would you let God do that to you? You would never be unfaithful to your mate, be spiteful and ill-tempered. You would keep your promises. You would show kindness and compassion. You would be willing to share your goods with the helpless. Ad Infinitum.

The amazing truth is that you do not need some special or miraculous experience to overcome the power of sin in your life. God has promised He will not allow us to be tempted above what we can bear, but with every temptation we face, God will provide a way of escape. 1 Corinthians 10:13.

Take the double cure, cleansed from sinís guilt and power.

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