Drinking and Obesity

A comparison was made as follows to deaths due to obesity with that of alcoholic deaths. The gist of the comparison is that imbibing moderately in drinking alcoholic beverages is no worse than getting too fat. An professional health care person gave an answer. I bid you consider it.

The comparison

In 2000 about 400,000 people died from obesity, compared to 435,000 from tobacco in the same year. Comparing that to alcohol deaths from accidents, only 16,653 died in alcohol-related car crashes that year.

The Answer

I wish the man driving the car that killed my best friend at the age of 17 were a glutton instead of drunk. At least then, he would be killing only himself and not the innocent people driving to work or to the grocery store, ect.

Gluttony is a bad thing, but not as bad as the innocent children and babies who get beaten and raped and neglected by a drunk who starts out with that first drink. Gluttony is bad, but not as bad as all of the people who start with a drink and then after having their judgment altered find themselves committing adultery, breaking the law, beating their spouse, killing their neighbor, plowing their car into an innocent driver.

If John Doe has a cheeseburger and then sins when he has a second, he is not putting your family and my family in danger of being killed or severely hurt.

If Jane Smith has a shot of Crown Royal at the local bar and then sins when she has a second, she is putting your family and my family in danger when she drives home.

And if it is your child or grandchild that happens to be on the tail end of that disaster, Im sure you would be singing a much different tune.

Advocate drinking all you want, but I ask you please from one sister to another. Dont insult the victims of drunk drivers and drunk murderers and drunk domestic abusers by comparing (with statistics) their innocent lives to the lives of people who basically committed suicide with food.

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