Evolution And The Chemistry of Water
(Reprint from Gospel Anchor,  December 1986)

Text Box:  The evolutionary theory of spontaneous generation has its beginning in water. The complex and intricate life systems that now exist began with the spontaneous generation of a one-cell organism in water, according to the theory. Scientists who hold to this view must know several things in order to make the theory even a little sensible. They must know the properties of water that existed in the primordial days; they must know how that water reacted to heat, cold, pressure and chemical elements. But that is impossible. What is even more incredible is that chemists really do not know much about water now. A quote from a modern chemistry textbook used at Western Kentucky University for several years now shows that scientists really don’t know why water is so unusual.

Water is, after all, the most important chemical in our lives, both biologically and geologically. The problem of the structure of water has thus presented a scientific challenge not only of great intrinsic interest but also of great general significance. Ice has a very open structure, and the increase in density on melting was at first explained as just due to the breakdown of the ice into individual water molecules, with perhaps some hydrogen-bonded units present. This picture could not account for many of the properties, including the high critical temperature of water. - A Textbook of Physical Chemistry, 2nd Ed. Adamson, Academic Press,. New York, San Francisco, London, 1979, p. 285.

What this man is saying is that chemists really don’t know why water behaves as it does. Why does it, for example, expand when it freezes, while all other liquids contract when frozen? Why does water contract when it is heated and other liquids do not? The same author said,

The thermodynamic and other properties of water are thus those of a highly structured medium. A related consequence is that water as a solvent behaves unusually. It appears, for example, that small ions order their immediately neighboring water molecules into a local structure which is not compatible with the general liquid structure, so that there is a non-structured transition zone between the hydrated ion and the solvent. - Ibid. p. 285.

All of this is said to simply declare we don’t really know all the answers that are posed by the problems arising from water and its peculiar and unusual behavior. At the best it is a scientific guess that explains the behavior of this “unusual” liquid, and that is precisely what evolutionists do in their guesses about the origin of life. But does it not strike you a bit odd that those who have made the evolutionary explanation of origins “a fact” for our children in schools cannot even explain water behavior now, when they can put it under a microscope and computerized analyzer?

 Christians have faith in God who spoke and “framed the worlds” so that “what is seen hath not been made out of things which appear” (Heb. 11:3) and whose Spirit simply moved on the face of the waters God created and brought life into being. How much faith is required to believe something took place in a medium (water) that can never be studied and analyzed when the same type of medium today is not fully understood?

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