Examine Yourself

I wish and pray that all of Godís children would love him above everything else in life. I wish and pray they would love him, worship him devoutly and work diligently in his cause. Unfortunately this is not so. Paul urges that every Christian examine self, whether they are in the faith or not (2 Cor. 13:5).

What if you were to act in reference to your job as you do in remembering the Lordís death? How long would you last or would you be gaining promotions and increasing in salary because of your devotion to the company?

Do you ever decide that you will just not go to work today; that you will go fishing or golfing instead? Do you ever go wandering in after the workday is well under way and then swell up and refuse to go to work at all for a long time if anything is said about it?

Do you listen condescendingly to your boss who gives you his orders for the day and then do as you please?

Do you seriously think for a minute that the Lord is going to put uip with foolishness that even men of this earth will not tolerate? Give yourself this test. Examine yourself whether you be in the faith. You certainly are not in the faith if you are trifling with Godís will and your soul.

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