Faith On The Wire

Imagine, if you will, a wire stretched between the bank building and the city- hall on the square in our town. A lone individual stands atop the bank building and announces his intent to walk across the wire to the other building. Of course, a crowd has gathered below because what he intends is bit strange (needless to say). The tightrope walker asks the crowd if they believe he can make it across. They nod in assent (who would be dumb enough to try without a reasonable chance?). Carefully, slowly he teeters his way across almost falling. Reaching the other side he holds up a wheelbarrow and asks the crowd if they think he could push it across before him. Some nod in assent. Some shrug their shoulders in response. The tightrope walker then singles out a man and yells down to him, “Sir, do you think I can make it?” The response is affirmative so the walker says, “Then prove your faith by riding in the wheelbarrow.” Christ calls to us personally, saying He will guide us over life with its dangers. Would you ride in the wheelbarrow?

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