Friendships that Endure

Twenty Chinese couples tied the know in a mass wedding on the Great Wall of China, according to an official Chinese newspaper. The couples said they chose the site in hopes that their marriages would be like the Great Wall – able to withstand the winds and rains.

That Chinese ceremony contrasts with another wedding that took place in the aisle of a convenience store. The fun-loving couple said they thought it would be romantic to be married in the place where they met.

Although lasting relationships need the kind of humor and creativity exhibited by the convenience-store wedding, marriages also need the Great Wall. And what is true of marriage is also true of friendships. A faithful companion is always there during times of trouble and adversity (Prov. 17:17). Fair-weather friends aren’t friends at all.

God is our ultimate Friend and Companion, and He will never abandon us. And because we have been made to bear His likeness, we should be to others the kind of friend who stays by their side when the going gets rough.

Lord, help us all to reflect your character in our friendships. May we all love at all times – especially in times of adversity. - Martin DeHann, II

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