What About Your Funeral?

 Have you ever thought how interesting it might be to take a survey from church members as to what they would like to have said concerning themselves at their funerals. Should the preacher A)tell the truth about you, B)exaggerate your good qualities and eliminate your flaws; or C)throw integrity to the wind and simply lie. If you were asked to write a short paragraph providing the preacher a “script” exactly what would you say?

  Franklin Camp, now deceased, was a great and beloved gospel minister of several years past. He was a gentle and kind man, and one of pristine quality. On one occasion he was called to conduct the funeral of a brother who was anything but faithful. He struggled to know what to say. According to his own testimony, this is what he said, as kindly as he could, regarding the deceased gentleman.

  “He was a member of the church but was careless in attendance. He was a member of the church, but he did not think Bible study was important, so he never came. He was a member of the church, but he never gave as he prospered. His funeral is being conducted in this building paid for by others. He was a member of the church, but no one gathered here today has he taught the truth. He has now gone to judgment to meet his God; all he can say to God is, ‘I was a member of the church.’”

  Franklin Camp later commented that as people filed out of the church building, he heard an irate person comment, “He preached him straight into hell.” No, he did not. By that time, the brother was already at his destination, and the funeral comments had nothing to do with that. Have you ever though: if a faithful evangelist should be called upon to preach your funeral, do you have any suggestions as to what he should say? via bulletin of the Butler, Mo. Church of Christ.

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