Getting The Wrinkles Out

The testing of your faith produces patience. But let patience have its perfect work. -James 1:3-4

As a boy I used to sit and watch my mother ironing clothes. Out would come the rolled-up, wrinkled shirts, which had been previously dampened. The combination of the heat and pressure of the iron would take out even the deepest wrinkles-wrinkles I thought could never be ironed out.

God knows we’ve got wrinkles in our thinking and creases in our character. So He holds back His protec­tive hand and permits unexpected trouble and even long-term difficulties. He uses these pressures to improve us.

We don’t like it when we have to go through tough times. Nobody does. When the family has to deal with a long-term illness, it’s hard on everyone. When a job is phased out and we’re having trouble finding another one, it’s rough. When we’ve made dumb decisions that strain relationships, we all suffer.

But think about it. Whenever we go through a time like this with our faith intact and our trust placed firm­ly in the Lord, we come out of it better and stronger. Someone has written, “Whatever does not kill me, strengthens me.”

We really should rejoice, because it’s God’s way of applying heat and pressure so that He can “get the wrinkles out.”

God has a purpose in our heartaches, The Savior always knows what’s best; We learn so many precious lessons In each sorrow, trial, and test. -Jarvis


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