Glad To Go To Church

I was glad when they said to me, “Let us go into the house of the Lord.” —Psalm 122:1

Some people enjoy going to church. They sing joyfully, listen intently, and feel enriched as they leave. But others seem bored. I remember a man who always slept through my sermons. I blamed myself. But one Sunday I noticed that he was sleeping before I started preaching. He may not have received much spiritual uplift from the services, but he always left refreshed!

Why do some people, like the writer of Psalm 122, look forward to a worship experience, while others say, Oh, what a weariness? (Mal. 1:13). It may be the way the service is conducted, but that isnt usually the problem. Some people get bored with a service that is conducted the same way every Sunday, yet others take a real interest and find enjoyment in it. Some people are uncomfortable in a service that is unstructured and highly emotional while others thor­oughly enjoy that kind of meeting. These different responses stem from different attitudes. Some people just go to church because it is the thing to do. Others prepare themselves for worship and go expecting a spiritual blessing.

Preparations for Sunday worship should take place Monday through Saturday. If we are regularly reading God’s Word, praying, and serving Christ, we will be glad when it’s time to go to church.

One day a week we worship God
With others who believe,
But how we live throughout the week
Affects what we’ll receive

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