God Iz Grate

A newly hired salesman stunned his superiors with his first report, for it revealed that he was nearly illiterate. He wrote, “I seen this outfit who aint never got a dimes worth of nuthin from us and sole them sum goods.” Before he was fired, a second report arrived. It read, “I comed to Chicawgo and sole them half a milyon dollers wurth.”

The sales manager dumped the problem into the president’s lap. The next day the staff was amazed to see the salesman’s reports on the company bulletin board, with this memo:

“We ben spendin two much time tryin to spel insted of tryin to sell. I want everbody should read these reports from Gooch, who is doin a grate job, and you should go out and do like he done!"

Sometimes we get so preoccupied with appearances that we lose sight of our primary purpose. How much better is a stumbling, stammering presentation of the gospel that presents unadulterated truth than one that is all “gussied up” with nice jokes, heart wrenching tales, and practically nothing that fits biblical teaching?

 When you find a preacher preaching the truth, no matter whether he knows an adverb from an adenoid, and he is converting the lost to Christ, listen to him and learn.  To all preachers:  “Go out do like he done!”

(slightly adapted).

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