The Great Irony,

Behold; .the nations are as a drop in a bucket ....He gives power to the weak. -Isaiah 40:15,29

When President George Bush decided that action should be taken against Iraq to liberate Kuwait, he went to the United Nations to gain the support of “the family of nations.” He realized that there is power in the unity of many countries.

Yet notice how Isaiah described the nations of the world from God’s perspective. They are nothing more than “a drop in a bucket” (Isa. 40:15). However great the collective power of the nations, it is insignificant compared with God’s all-powerful reign over the earth.

The fact that God rules over the world with such awesome might could give us a feeling of insignificance and oppression. Think about it. If the nations are no more than a drop of water in a pail, what does that make us?

This is where the great irony comes in. Even though God considers the nations to be relatively insignificant, He views each individual as important. He cares about each man, woman, and child on this earth. And He renews the strength of those who trust Him. He helps them “walk and not faint” (v.31).

Better than having the force of the nations behind us is the promise of having the power and love of a caring God to support us.

The God who made the firmament,

Who made the deepest sea,

The God who puts the stars in place

Is the God who cares for me.

Nothing is too great for god to accomplish; nothing too small for his attention.

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