How I Know the Bible Is the Word of God

Suppose a vast building were to be erected, the stones for which were brought from the quarries in Rutland, Vermont; Berea, Ohio; Kasota, Minnesota; and Middletown, Connecticut. Each stone was hewn into final shape in the quarry from which it was brought. These stones were a variety of shapes and sizes—cubical, rectangular, cylindrical, and so forth—but when they were brought together every stone fit into its place, and when put together there rose before you a temple absolutely perfect in every outline, with its domes, sidewalls, buttresses, arches, transepts—not a gap or a flaw anywhere. How would you account for it? You would say: Back of these individual workers in the quarries was the mastermind of the architect who planned it all and gave to each individual worker his specifications for the work.”

So in this marvelous temple of Gods truth which we call the Bible, whose stones have been quarried at periods of time and in places so remote from one another, but where every smallest part fits each other part, we are forced to say that back of the human hands that wrought was the Mastermind that thought.

—Dr. R. A. Tory

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