How To Go to Hell

Louis J. Sharp, via Gospel Spotlight

Timothy MeVeigh was quoted as saying: “If I’m I going to Hell I will plenty of company.” In this assessment, he was correct. Yet, I couldn’t keep from thinking, “What comfort is that? I don’t want to end up in hell under any kind of circumstances. “ Have you seriously contemplated what it will be to spend eternity in hell? Think soberly! But . . .

if you really want to go to hell -

1. Ignore God. Refuse to believe there is a God. This will be a sure ticket to hell.

2. Reject the Bible as God’s inspired message to man. Just pay no attention to it. Never open the pages of the sacred text, nor peruse its teaching. Refuse to believe that the words written therein will condemn us in the last day. (John 12:48)

3. Worship money. Spend all your time in the pursuit of worldly attainments. Use every waking hour all wrapped up in material things. Near the end of her life, concerning material possessions, I recall my mother saying: “Son, they are just things. They don’t amount to a hill of beans. “ In the final analysis of all things, she was exactly right. Yet, how much time do we all spend in the pursuit of those things that will not endure? (James 5:13)

4. Don’t believe the commands of the Bible. Plainly stated is God’s plan of salvation. “He that believeth and is baptized shall be saved “ (Mark 16:16) But we reply, “If man has to do that, he is working for his salvation. “ Did you ever hear of obedience? We must obey Him! (Hebrews 5:8-9)

5. Religiously, argue that anything you want to practice is okay. In so doing, one expresses a state of unbelief. When God commands a thing to be done, that is the thing to be done! We often explain our practices, saying: “We do Bible things in Bible ways.” By this, we mean, we will give you “book, chapter and verse” for our religious practices. Neighbor, can you do the same? Who is going to be saved? He that doeth the Father’s will. Who will be lost in hell? He who refuses to do the same. Think!!! (Matthew 7:21)

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