How Would You Define “Faithful”?

By Royce Chandler

This sometimes gives me a problem. I know members who have been more or less insulted because I do not consider them faithful Christians, even though they attend many or most of the assemblies, and, in some cases, take part in leading in prayer, serving the Lord’s Supper, and mowing the grass.

Somehow we have grown to have the notion that as long as one attends regularly he is to be counted a faithful member: faithfulness is defined as “coming to the assembly.” But into what category of faithfulness do we place the brother or sister who comes regularly, but never participates in any congregational activities? Is he/she faithful or unfaithful to that work? And what about these:

What about the member who meets every one of the failings but still attends most of the assemblies?

Faithful or unfaithful?

Just how do you define the term, “faithful Christian”? Personally, I do not believe the above persons are counted as faithful by God who commands every one of us to grow to maturity, to be complete to accomplish all things expected of each of us. To the degree that I slack off and remain an undeveloped neglecter and excuse maker, to that same degree I am an erring, unfaithful saint.

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