If Only

I guess I just couldnít tell.

If anyone had asked me

I would have said, ďTheyíre doing well!Ē

When did the flame start to flicker

And the enthusiasm fade away?

I guess I just didnít see it.

I didnít know what to say.

At first it was just occasionally,

They didnít miss all the time.

A child was sick, or he had to work,

I still thought everything was fine.

After a while it got more frequent,

Their seat was empty more than not.

I should have said something then,

But that would have put me on the spot.

If only I had noticed.

If only I had tried.

I didnít do a thing to help them.

Thatís the truth, it cannot be denied.

Now their seat is always empty.

They have left the Lord, I donít know why.

And when I think about ďIf only...Ē

All I can do is cry.

Greg Litmer

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