The unsaved man watches the happy Christian sing and snorts, “Emotionalism,” then goes out to a ball game and screams himself into a frenzy.

He sneers at the call for missionaries for the foreign field, then waves the flag and urges young men to join the army and fight for the cause of peace.

He disclaims the minister and his preaching; but he is first at the door of the preacher when sorrow comes to him.

He is ready to give plenty of advice in matters of religion but is neither willing to take any or study the Bible.

He will never take a trip without carefully studying a road map but thinks that we are all heading for the same place religiously and that it makes no difference what route one takes.

He is always talking about the hypocrites in the church but would not think of raising his children where there were no churches.

He is always mocking the morals of the Bible but expects others to treat him and his family in accord with them.

He claims there is no God but calls on Him to damn everything.

He claims that the Bible is just another book but will not accept a man’s testimony in court unless he swears on the Bible.

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