Infant Baptism

German Lutheran

Heinrich August Wilhelm Meyer - “The baptism of the children of Christians, of which no trace is found in the New Testament, is not to be held as an apostolic ordinance.” - Commentary on Acts 16:15; page 312 


Martin Luther - “It cannot be proved by the sac-red scriptures that infant baptism was instituted by Christ, or begun by Christians after the apostles.”

- Vanity of Infant Baptism, part 2, page 8


Joseph Ager Beet - “It must be admitted that the New Testament contains no clear proof that infants were baptized in the days of the apostles.”

- Christian Baptism, page 28

Albert Taylor Bledsoe - “With all our search - we have been unable to find, in the New Testament a single express declaration or word in favor of infant baptism.” -Southern Review, Vol. XIV, page 334


John Calvin - “As Christ enjoins them to teach before baptizing, and desires that none but believers be admitted to baptism, it would appear that baptism is not properly administered unless when preceded by faith.” -Harmony of the Evangelist

Vol. 3, page 38

Roman Catholic

“There is no express mention of the baptizing of infants in the New Testament.” -Question Box, page 243

-from The Light of Truth.

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