Is It Really Narrow Mindedness?

I don’t know about you, but I get a little weary of hearing the word “narrow” used as a slur against preachers who adhere to the Bible in their preaching.  Sure they are “narrow,” but so are factory workers, surgeons, druggists, and teachers.

The factory work is so “narrow” that he uses micrometers and measures to the thousandth of an inch the bores and pistons of engines, electronic components and balancing wheels in time pieces.

The surgeon is so “narrow” that he insists on ultra-technical laboratory analysis and meticulously sterilized instruments of special design.  Why is he so “picky narrow” that he makes his assistants wear cloths over their faces?

The druggist is so “narrow” that he just has to have a prescription before he will let you have certain drugs.  He says he has to be “narrow” because government regulations are narrow, and even thinks it is for your good!

As you think about it, it’s a blessing that somebody is “narrow-minded.”  And however much we need to be narrow about vital material matters, we must be infinitely more careful and exact about spiritual laws.  God will not be mocked!

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