Little Things

Who bath despised the day of small things? (Zech. 4:10.) In the work of the Lord we should never un­dervalue the little things. Our God sees the sparrow fall and He has num­bered the hairs of our heads. The one who gives a cup of cold water in the name of Jesus receives Heaven’s smile of approval and will be rewarded.

There are those who refuse to do anything because they are not able to do something great in the eyes of men. But when we remember that God is not asking for something great, that he is only asking that we do what we can, we should be greatly encouraged. We should not be ashamed of our abil­ity even though it may be inferior to the ability of another. In the Judg­ment we shall be judged according to what we had and not according to what others had.

A successful, growing church is composed of many little things added to­gether. A successful Gospel meeting is a combination of a number of little things. Any single one of these things would not constitute a successful church, but all of them together do. Any single stone will not make a house but many stones together will. One soldier cannot be an army, but many soldiers to­gether can. You and I are stones in the Lord’s house and we are soldiers in the Lord’s army. You or I alone cannot do the work God has for the church to do, but we all together can. When each Christian says, “Such as I have I give,” then many little things become something great and powerful.

There is the tendency in a single person to feel that his part will not be missed. But one unsightly stone can mar the beauty of a building, and one soldier can by his failure bring tragedy to many others. Once upon a time all the residents of a certain little village were all invited to a great feast. Each one, according to the story, was to bring a bottle of pure wine. It was all to be poured into a huge barrel. One said to himself, “If I fill my bottle with water and empty it into the barrel, no one will notice.” But when the time came to draw off the wine, lo and behold, only water came forth. Each one had said to himself, “My contribution will not be missed . . . it is so small.”

One member of the church feels that his presence will not be missed on Sunday night. Another feels that he can stay away from the Bible classes on Sunday morning without hurting the church. Another thinks no one will miss him on Wednesday night. And when others feel the same way and miss the services, the power of the church to win souls is greatly dimin­ished.

One thinks that he cannot give `much in a financial way, and does not give much thought to that part of the worship. He does not plan his giving because to him it is small. When he, is out of town on a Lord’s Day, he makes no effort to see that his contribution is made at the home church nor does he try to make it up the following Lord’s Day. He thinks it will not be missed. But with many others feeling the same way, over a period of time, many lost souls are robbed of ever hearing the Gospel. Little things are im­portant!

“Shamgar had an ox goad; Rahab had a string.

Gideon had a trumpet; David had a sling.

Samson had “a jawbone; Moses had a rod.

Dorcas had a needle; All were used for God.”

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