Looking Strong

Some of us mistake a large membership in a local church for strength. And often even with a large numeric membership, the actual strength of the church rests in only a few dedicated Christians.

In the movie Beau Geste, the Arabs were attacking a Legionnaire fort where only four Legionnaires were left alive. If the Arabs had known this, they could have easily taken the fort. However, the Legionnaires devised a plan to disguise their weak condition. They set up bodies of their dead comrades along the wall of the fort and ran back and forth, firing off the guns of their dead friends. From the outside, it all looked very convincing, but from the inside, there were only four men.

The sad fact is that only a few who are righteous, are doing the work, and, through teaching and encouragement, are keeping the church together. What the Lord’s church desperately needs is not many dead bodies looking alive; she needs people committed to making a “living sacrifice.” I am convinced that the reason there are fewer baptisms, fewer additions to local churches lies in the fact that there are too many dead bodies and not enough live soldiers for Christ.

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