Placing Membership in a Local Church

It is a good practice to be identified with a local church. Paul wanted the fellowship of working with other Christians when he went from Damascus back to Jerusalem (Acts 9:26). I received the following from one family who identified with us not long ago and thought it good to pass it along to you. (Names withheld).

  1. Recommended by a minister from (former place of membership)..
  2. Visited several times before moving here and was received with Christian love, friendliness, and encouragement.
  3. Received several cards from members thanking us for visiting here and encouraging us to worship here after our move.
  4. Found the worship services, sermons, and classes to be Bible based.
  5. Found the members to be friendly, helpful, encouraging, and sincere.
  6. What impressed us the most was the Christian love that we found here. It was as though this love greeted us at the door and has not stopped. Whether we realize it or not this is a powerful first impression made on a visitor.
  7. Cards, visits, or whatever means employed to increase membership would not have worked with us without the love for Christ and each other that we have found at this congregation.

(Comment: There is love at this congregation. love of God, love for his holy word, love for one another and love for non-members. We hope others who move into our community will express their desire to work with us here in this congregation.)

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