My Best Friend

Do you have a best friend? Most people say they do whether they do have one or not!. Everyone wants to feel that they can relate to someone else and share their joys and their pains.

I have a friend too, that is very special. This friend tells me some very descriptive accounts of bygone days. They seem so real to me and I feel like I am really there. I can really learn a lot of history and how people lived and what they were like in times past. I can relate often to many of those people and their situations.

This friend of mine can also give me comfort. Whenever I am feeling down or hurt, I can find words of comfort to ease the pains or to help me get back up. Whenever I am feeling good, I can go to my friend and he can help me from getting to wrapped up in myself and losing sight of my goals. Regardless of the mood I am in my friend will always be there to help.

I am really happy to have this friend. We communicate often; at every opportunity that we can and that is at least every day. This is a friend that I am not ashamed of and like to share with others.

“Who is this friend that is so special?”, you ask.

My Bible

Enjoy this friend that we both have in common and share this friend with others.

Monie Matthews

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