The new convert

I went to church the other day, just to see who was there.

I heard the singing and bowed for the prayer.

When the preacher preached, I listened,

And when he finished, my eyes glistened.

The words he spoke touched my heart,

In the sins he mentioned, I had a part.

I thought about the words he preached,

As for understanding my heart reached.

He spoke of faith right from the book,

I turned the page and had a look.

He also said we must repent,

as I pondered the wasted days Id spent.

He said confess that glorious name,

And show the world I had no shame.

His final plea was that I must,

Be baptized in water, and in God trust.

Did I respond to his earnest plea?

Come next Sunday and you will see.


Donald C. Boice


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