No Hands But Ours

This church budget of ours is not what it may appear to be -- Itís not figures and operational costs and assessments; rather, it is the religion of Jesus wrapped up in one bundle.

Itís the church worshipping God in the beauty of holiness.

Itís hundreds of little ones learning to sing, ďJesus loves me, this I know . . .Ē

Itís a family in distress finding in the fellowship of the church of Jesus Christ those resources of the spirit by which their bereavements are transcended.

Itís the expression of  the teaching, helping, instructing ministry of Christ in this generation.

Itís dependent needy saints being fed and clothed and nurtured in the way of Christ.

Itís a testimony of the love we have for God to the people who live near us.

Itís the testimony of lost people who are tired of living apart from the Lord, learning the way of salvation.

It isnít just a budget -- It is the Lord extending his hands in his blessing through this church. Our hands are his hands. Please remember this as you give purposefully on the Lordís Day. - Author unknown

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