Nothing Ventured, Nothing Gained

WE MUST ACT. Those who demand a sure thing will never begin, much less finish, any worthwhile work.

“How’s your cotton?” a visitor asked an old farmer.

“Didn’t plant no cotton; ‘fraid of the boll weevil.”

“How are your potatoes?”

“Didn’t plant none; ‘fraid of the ‘tater bugs.”

“What did you plant?”

“Didn’t plant nothin’— jest playin’ it safe.”

He took no risks. Didn’t harvest any crop, either.

Solomon said, “He who observes the wind will not sow; and he who regards the clouds will not reap” (Ecclesiastes 1 1 :4).

There are dangers in every venture. Many of life’s conditions are beyond our control. Don’t kill all effort by waiting for ideal conditions which will never come. Preoccupation with problems paralyzes us.

God doesn’t promise blessings to those who will walk the road only when it is perfectly smooth and sheltered. Nor does he grant triumphs if we give up at the first sight of difficulty. Don’t lay down your tools and run for cover just because the clouds have gathered.

Controllable circumstances are in our hands. Uncontrollable circumstances are in God’s hands. His hands are stronger than ours.

Caution is one thing; faithlessness is quite another. With God nothing is too good to be true.

Editorial by Joe R. Barnett, 20th Century Christian

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